Who Are We?

Good question. We wouldn’t book a holiday with someone we didn’t feel like we knew either. We have several missions, but our main one is to get you out of your house and into the wild.

And by wild we mean a beautiful, cosy, urban, country or modern, stay. It’s up to you from here.

We’re Stay 365, the staycation specialists. We’d love to help you discover some insanely great places that are close to home but a world away from your day-to-day. Ready to explore? Let’s do this.

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Ethos and Mission Statements

We believe experiences can last a lifetime and we’re constantly developing new ways of connecting travellers to travel destinations, bridging the gap between accessibility and travel.

We’re here to help provide a level playing field to anyone dipping the toes in the online rental market for the first time, and simultaneously providing guests with an unforgettable travel experience.

Ultimately, we strive to make it possible for everyone to experience their dream destination, by altering the traditional entry routes and cost.

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Charities We Support

Using our resources and with your help, these are two charities doing amazing things who we can come together to support.

When booking your stay, you’ll be asked if you want to round up the total for charity. This is who that will be going towards.

“Veterans Aid provides immediate, practical support to all ex-servicemen and women who have served in HM Armed Forces who are homeless, facing homelessness or in crisis.”

“In 2020, against the background of a global pandemic, Veterans Aid remained operational – appropriately homing 113 ex-servicemen and women and preventing 114 from becoming homeless. In spite of the restrictions, 1,862 client interactions took place. The number of veterans helped into detox/rehab rose to 70 and 102 were supported into employment or onto training courses.”

“Centrepoint is the UK's leading youth homelessness charity – but what does that actually mean? It means that, together with our partners, we support over 14,000 young people every year. We want to end youth homelessness by 2037.”

Working with a variety of programmes that range from housing and health - to enhancing their understanding with policy & research and engagement, Centrepoint’s unique approach allows them to make a direct impact with young people from around the country.


Accessible Stays – What We’re Doing

Additionally, our site and listings are made to be accessible to everyone by highlighting any additional features properties may include and providing tools to our hosts to identify and improve upon ways to make their stays more accessible to everyone.

Just check the facilities tab in every listing to check the features available in that stay or sort through stays that meet your requirements with the filters in the main search page.

We’re always working hard to improve the quality of our accessibility services and introduce new properties to the platform with better photos of the features they use.

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