What is Stay365?
Stay365 is an online travel club and platform with a goal of empowering people to travel around the UK and further. We have a mission to level the playing field and make it even easier to become a travel host and allow people the experience of staying in your home, rental property or hotel.
What is Genesis Travel Pass?
Genesis Travel Pass is a digital membership pass (NFT). It comes with a pre-loaded travel credit voucher to use with Stay365, lifetime platform discounts, staking features to passively earn $STAYS (which can then be spent on Fragments to book experiences, and so many more features that can be explored above and in our Discord server. Most importantly, Genesis Travel Pass grants you lifetime membership to the premier rentals marketplace for digital nomads in web3. And we plan on delivering a lot - under-promise, over-deliver.
When will the utility be available?
Pretty soon. Utility is expected to become available in the month immediately after mint, including the ability to spend that travel credit, stake for $STAYS, access platform discounts and a whole load of exciting features we won’t mention until they’re ready. Expect endless travel utility.
Why an NFT?
NFTs are digital collectibles that can be easily bought, sold and traded on secondary markets. They also offer unique identity and proof-of-ownership perks, and allow us to quickly release new features and airdrops/features for holders. We plan to innovate massively in how NFTs can be used to unlockk new growth for the travel and tourism industry, specifically focusing on digital nomads.

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