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Ever used AirBnB?

Claim $STAYS in proportion to the number of trips you’ve booked or hosted.

What is $STAYS?

$STAYS is a utility token which rewards travellers for booking sustainable stays through our platform;

Can be staked in a portfolio of managed real estate including short-term lets to provide passive income;

Provides liquidity to landlords and real estate investors;

Enables participation in our ecosystem and to vote on property acquisitions.



Owning $STAYS means you can stake it in a managed AirBnB, access discounts, and be eligible for free stays with over £1,000 worth held.



Split your $STAYS evenly between a portfolio of managed short-term rentals or allocate to individual lets.



Carefully engineered tokenomics minimise the risk of price volatility during variable market conditions such as staking period ends. You can read more about our tokenomics in our whitepaper.

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What is the
staking protocol?


Our expertise within short-term lettings, economy of scale and superior management enables our managed properties to perform consistently above market.

$STAYS will be issued as yield when staked within our ecosystem and to raise capital to fund property acquisitions.

Please note: $STAYS is NOT a security token and should not be treated as an investment.

It enables participation in a yield-generating tokenised asset, which may be subject to securities laws inluding KYC and AML.


$STAYS staked within the protocol will be algorithmically split between a portfolio of highly performing short term lets.


Tokens will be paid back out each month as a percentage of total booking revenue minus upkeep and management fees.

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Why tokenise
short-term lettings?

house for sale

Solving a dual problem – landlords needed liquidity, which we provide in the form of a lump sum payment to lease the property for 12-24 months.
Liquidity providers stake $STAYS to enable participation within our portfolio of managed, high-performing rental properties.


Reports consistently highlight the sectors continual upward trajectory.


Increasing numbers of property owners converting to short-term lets.


There is a growing need for liquidity among landlords.


Growing desire for exposure to this market by those who do not own a second home.

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