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Save money
Pay a single, transparent fee each month and upgrade flexibly to add stays, saving thousands each year.
Seamless integration with Airbnb, Booking.com and other platforms to ensure your guests always make the right reservations.
Access instant support, monthly AMAs, growth sessions and a wide community of hosts through our Discord server.
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Check the frequently asked questions. Contact us if you have more questions.


As a valued host on Stay365, your voice counts. Access our Discord server and vote on monthly issues such as feature updates.


Our Discord server is your communications and resource hub to connect with other hosts and the Stay365 team. Actionable guides, industry research and support channels are all here.


You’ll have access to a dedicated account manager and can schedule monthly strategy sessions to help boost your stays, growing your business and staying up to date with new trends.

Marketing Boost

We want your business to succeed – and work with our hosts to produce customised marketing campaigns to land more eyeballs on your stays; the rest is up to you.

0% fees

All our premium plans have 0% booking fees, forever. Depending on the number of stays you have, this can save thousands per year.

Free accounts pay an 8% booking fee, which is still one of the lowest on the market.


Best-in-class support, no ifs or buts about it. Speak to a human within minutes through our Discord server, available for all Stay365 hosts.


We’re continuously striving to provide the best possible experience for hosts and guests alike. Our full roadmap will be published the 1st April; expect a full management service and first-of-kind investment protocol.

Free up cash to grow your business

View our case studies to view your potential savings when compared to other booking platforms 10-15%

£4,500 - £6,750
Saved in 3 monts
£19,200 - £28,800
Saved in a year

Latimer House is a perfect fit for our enterprise plan; switching to 0% booking fees as opposed to 15% with AirBnB made total sense. Successful apartment lets with a proven guest history split between holidaymakers and corporate – guests will transition smoothly onto a new booking platform such as Stay365.

Deborah Wilkinson
Latimer House – Enterprise Package
£275 - £412
Saved in 3 monts
£1,100 - £1,650
Saved in a year

Smaller single or dual hosts who are new to online short-term letting benefit from Stay365’s support and marketing efforts. Monthly strategy calls with an account manager to help build a fulfilling guest experience are invaluable.

Deborah Wilkinson
King’s Road Apartment - Standard Stay Package
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